Write Club

First rule of Write Club:  You do not talk about Write Club
Second rule of Write Club:  You DO NOT TALK about Write Club
Third rule:  Get writing!

Are you struggling as a writer? 

I get it! I’ve spent my entire career helping writers succeed.  I’ve been a professional book editor since 1981, and have been getting paid as a writer since 1994. (My articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Salon, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, and more.  My humor essays have been anthologized in Mothers Who ThinkCreme de la FemmeLife’s a Stitch, and A Friendly Game of Poker from Chicago Review Press. (Let it not be said that I’m not a well-rounded individual with a mean bluff.) I’ve also ghost-written a ton of books I’m not allowed to talk about.  

It is my greatest joy to help people find their authentic voice, express themselves, and be heard. Word on the street is that I’m pretty good at it!  Click here, then click on the "Testimonials" tab on that page for folks saying nice things about me, like this:

“Betsy Rapoport is one of the smartest, kindest, most honest and hard-working people on the face of God's green earth.  I would hire her to do literally anything.  I would leave her in charge of my children, dogs, and kidneys.  In our many years of close professional collaboration and joyful friendship, I've watched Betsy work miracles for me and my career, as well as for others and their careers.  I try hard not to be jealous of these people.  When you are working with her too, I shall try not to be jealous of you.  But it won't be easy.  Betsy is a priceless ally.  Enjoy!”

--Martha Beck, life coach columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine and author of Expecting Adam, Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, Leaving the Saints, Steering by Starlight, and the Four-Day Win

Does the publication process terrify you? 

I’m familiar with the writer’s hyper-caffeinated hundred-yard stare, the cloud o’ doom that follows rejection, the aerobic checking of the email in-box following the submission of the book proposal.  I can help you understand next steps.

Let’s figure it out together!

I’ve started Write Clubs to help you.  Here’s what you’ll get each month:

  • Two hour-long group coaching/writing calls: I’ll help you clarify your writing goals, identify your audience, break down the writing process into manageable steps, address common writing pitfalls, coach you through writer’s block (heaven knows I’ve faced it enough times and have helped many others get through it) and develop a practice that works for you.  I’ll also bring in guest speakers to address topics such as pitching magazines, blogging, and more
  • One hour of one-on-one editing with me (a $275 value)
  • A community of like-minded fellow travelers for support and encouragement.  Writing is a lonely business; it helps to have friends who can offer feedback and advice!  

Investment: $500 per month, with a three-month commitment
Group size:  Maximum of 10 participants per Write Club

Click here for more information and to register: