"I absolutely loved this writing  retreat and learned so much from a true master. The writing exercises were perspective-changing, the community was inspiring, and having someone who knows the writing and publishing industry inside and out (and upside and down) is invaluable. Betsy has worked with some of the best authors and thought leaders in the world: Jimmy Carter, Carrie Fisher, Dean Ornish, Judith Orloff, Candice Bergen, Martha Beck. Add to that her avid and passionate love for memoir as a genre and you really can't get much more of a passionate, enthusiastic, hilarious, and inspiring mentor than Betsy. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have her help you tell your story in the best, most authentic way possible.”

Jessica Steward

"Deciding to participate in Betsy’s retreat was life-changing for me, as I went from someone who thought a lot about writing and telling my story to someone who is writing my story. I learned key concepts and tools that have shaped my writing, and give me a place to start or move forward when I am stuck. Writing and receiving feedback in real time allowed me to get out of the mind muck and challenged me to show up fully to my own self. The warmth of Betsy’s home and her bountiful kitchen creates the intimacy, connection and safe space to be real and vulnerable. Betsy will support you in a heartfelt, Mama Bear way while inviting you to meet the core of your truth and stretch to your greatest expression. The collective sharing of our voices and life stories among a group of writers was awe-inspiring and healing. Experiencing and witnessing Betsy with her laser wit and savvy, intuitive sense, combined with years of incredible experience, is beyond any expectation I had for a weekend writing retreat. Betsy is masterful, she is generous, and she is accessible.  You will feel seen and you will see yourself in a new light."  

Christine Erickson

“I called Betsy to inquire about life coaching at a very challenging time in my life. I had no clue what a life coach was or how life coaching could possibly help my personal situation. Yet after speaking with Betsy for one minute, I knew that life coaching was something I had to do and that Betsy would be the perfect coach. Betsy offers wisdom, intuition and compassion – sprinkled with toughness. She guided me with a firm hand, which allowed me to steer myself toward freedom and peace. I’m forever thankful that I made that phone call and Betsy entered my life. You will be too.”

Pam Perkowski

“How do I keep my teenagers (and everyone else’s!) safe AND happy?  And once my youngest son is grown up and out of the house, what will I DO?  How do I find my passion? What is my life’s purpose?!  These are just a few of the self-torturing questions I would ask myself, daily.  And in walks Betsy, life coach extraordinaire.  With wicked smarts, a great sense of humor, candor, intuition and kindness – I could go on --  she helped me dissolve my limiting beliefs and regain clarity.  (Really?  I’m so powerful that I could keep everyone safe?!)  And from that place of clarity, and with Betsy’s guidance, I uncovered my passions.  Step by step, I’m on the path to my dreams.  Hiring Betsy was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.”

Suzanne Trainor

“What can I say about Betsy Rapoport that won’t fall far short of describing her talents, especially since I know her brilliant-editor eyes will cull out all purple prose and pointless reiteration?  Seriously, Betsy is one of my favorite people, as well as one of my favorite coaches.  With a razor-sharp mind, a wild sense of humor, and the kindest heart since Bambi’s mother, she’s been my own inspired and inspiring coach for years.  It was her suggestion that I start writing self-help books and magazine articles, so it's no exaggeration to say that without Betsy’s coaching, my coaching wouldn’t exist.  I feel blessed beyond measure every time I talk to her.  So will you.”

Martha Beck, bestselling author, columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine, and woman of awesomeness

“Tough questions, no room for self-pity, compassion and encouragement: that’s what I needed when I was thinking of leaving the security of a job I hated and that’s exactly what Betsy provided me with. She helped me find the courage I needed to take the leap away from what held me back and showed me that if I would just spread my wings, I could fly and, I did! She is big medicine!”

   —Michael Trotta, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and creator of Innertracking.com