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One-on-One Coaching:

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Write Club:

First rule of Write Club:  You do not talk about Write Club
Second rule of Write Club:  You DO NOT TALK about Write Club

Are you struggling as a writer? I want to help you be heard.  I’ve been a professional book editor since 1981, and have been getting paid as a writer since 1994. (My articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Salon, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, and more. I’ve also ghost-written a bunch of books I’m not allowed to talk about.)  In other words, I’ve been on both sides of the desk and know what it takes to get folks past the familiar stumbling blocks:  finding an authentic voice, figuring out how to use writing to get their message out, navigating writer’s block, battling the loneliness of the long-distance writer, and more.

That’s why I created Write Club.  Because you need a tribe and a guide.
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